Introducing our new Quality Assurance Programme – From only £145 + VAT (£174)

The new CQC inspection regime and its new rating system are centred around 5 key questions concerning the services they regulate and inspect: These are:

  • Are they safe?;
  • Are they effective?;
  • Are they caring?;
  • Are they responsive?, and
  • Are they well-led?

Providers are now asked to submit Provider Information Returns, which are an important element of their new inspection process and which focus on these five key questions.

 Sample CQC quotes –

"You might find it helpful to use the return as part of your quality assurance process and as a way of understanding and reviewing how well you are meeting the five 'key questions'".

"It will also contribute to your own quality assurance process by demonstrating your level of awareness of the issues and what you currently do to provide a safe service".

"The detail included within this section could be used as part of your own quality assurance processes to show you are planning for the future and not relying on past success or areas you have already improved".

That Quality Assurance, is a process that you should undertake would appear to be a given. What remains therefore is not the why but the how.

We recommend our Quality Assurance Programme to you for the following excellent reasons:

  1. It is versatile – you can edit/modify it to suit your circumstances. You are not stuck with something you cannot change;
  2. It is built around the 5 key questions – so is entirely relevant to CQC, you and your needs;
  3. It demonstrates that you understand the five key questions, and you are interested in knowing how well you are performing in each area, as viewed by those at the receiving end;
  4. Results will help you focus on those areas for improvement – demonstrating to the CQC Inspector that you are not willing to “rest on your laurels”, but always striving for improvement;
  5. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention – it’s relatively inexpensive!

The programme is available on CD rom £165 + VAT, or online at a reduced price of £145 + VAT. (It is the same material, either way).

Please call Philip Bradshaw on 01234 349852 for further information.

To take a look at some sample material from the toolkit, (Care Homes) please click here. We also have QA programmes for Domiciliary Care and Supported Living.


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