Domiciliary Care – Agency Starter Pack

Thank you for your interest in the Policy Library.

The Policy Library – Domiciliary Care Agency Starter Pack – £795.00 +VAT (£954 INC VAT)

VAT will be added by PayPal before the final payment is processed.

Complete set of 73 model Policies and Procedures

Model Statement of Purpose / Model Business Plan Template

All sent to you on CD, and fully editable in Microsoft Word

We have been providing model Policies and Procedures together with other essential materials for 12 years. We have recently completed the April 1st revisions of our Policies, in line with Fundamental Standards, and we are delighted to offer you this very reasonably priced start-up pack to help you with your CQC registration.

Click here to download the List.

In addition, we have prepared some images of sample Policies. Click on any of the following, to view the sample. The files are large, and so it is possible they may take some time to download, depending on your Internet connection.

Fundamental Standard – Fit and Proper Persons

Quality Assurance

Lone Working

Protecting Clients’ Rights

Model Statement of Purpose

You will be required to provide a Statement of Purpose as part of the application for the registration of your service. We have examined the requirements, and our model is capable of being edited to fit your circumstances.

Model Business Plan Template

A Business Plan is essential for a number of reasons, including obtaining finance. We have produced a model template, and a set of notes which will help you complete this often daunting exercise.

Your starter Pack will be sent to you on CD, usually within 2 working days, and often next day delivery. Later, when you have completed your CQC Registration, and you are “up and running”, we would like to offer you our Full Package of materials, including Service User’s Guide, Employee Handbook, Recruitment materials, Health and Safety materials, Quality Assurance Programme, Client Contracts, model Terms of Business etc. Call us on 01234 349852 when you are ready.

A monthly payment plan is available if required. Download the Application Form, complete it and email it to us to get you moving.