Personalised Set, Printed and Bound

All of the Policies and Procedures for your chosen Care Section personalised, printed, bound and delivered to you for just £1045 + VAT.

Over the last 12 years we have helped many of our customers by producing for them a superb set of Policies and Procedures, personalised, printed and bound.

You might be close to an Inspection, from CQC or Ofsted, and you want to impress them with a fine collection of comprehensive and well-written Policies and Procedures? Or simply want to refresh your existing set, which are maybe a bit stale? And you don’t want the stress of having to produce them yourself? Then look no further. We will personalise our complete set of policies and procedures (circa 80 +), print them out, place them into a Binder and have them delivered to you, first class.

No hassle, no stress, no worries. Time saved. Job done!

We will also send you a CD containing all of your personalised Policies and Procedures. In this way, (as they are produced in Microsoft Word) you can make some finishing touches yourself, should you wish, at a later date.

Please call 01234 349852 for more information, or to order over the phone.

Within a short time after ordering, (usually same day) we will contact you to obtain further information which will allow us to proceed to full personalisation.

We will then aim to have your bound set delivered to you within 5 working days, (weekends excluded).

This is the process we follow:

  1.  We send you a short questionnaire. This helps us gain some additional information about you, how you want the documents presented, together with information about your policies in certain areas. Take a look at a questionnaire:Click the care area that you are interested in: Care Homes; Domiciliary Care; Supported Living Services; Children’s Homes.
  2. The questionnaire is returned to us, via email, and we are then able to produce a sample first page of the first policy.  We send this to you, for approval.
  3. When we have approval, we are able to produce the set of Policies in line with the approved sample.
  4. This usually takes up to 5 working days, after which we will mail the Folder, its contents, and the CD to you.


  •  Each Policy is personalised individually;
  • This is not a computer exercise, where you simply ask the computer to insert the name of the company;
  • Printing is in black and white or colour, if we are using your logo;
  • The end result is impressive;
  • And we only charge £350 + VAT for such a great service!

So, a complete set of Policies, personalised, printed and bound is just £695 (for the set of policies) + £350 (for the personalisation) ie £1045 + VAT.


Want to order on line? Please go to We will usually get back to you same day! (Excluding weekends)









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